Welcome to Motorhome Sales Scotland

Motorhome Sales Scotland may sound like a new dealer but we have been trading for over 35-years!  We think now is the time to advertise what we have to offer through a website rather than word of mouth.

We are a family run business whose strength is that you will very quickly become acquainted with the owner, Allan Timmins, and his eldest son, David Timmins. They have a great team behind them offering technical and admin support so all your Motorhome needs will be met especially after your purchase. 

Allan has been self-employed for most of his working life which has predominately been in the Motor Trade, he purchased a second company that owned a few rental Motorhomes and that is where this chapter begins.  Allan saw potential in Motorhome Rental (he currently also operates a fleet of 15-vehicles) but it brought about its own problems in the repair and maintenance of them and again Allan saw the opportunity and invested heavily to become an AWS Approved Workshop; David was his guinea pig and was one of the first trainees, he is now a high skilled very knowledgeable Technician and Allan’s right hand-man – you can’t get closer than father and son working together, and David certainly keeps his Dad right! 

Allan and David have been selling Motorhomes for a number of years, typically ex-Rental vehicles or part exchanges; more recently in recognition of the demand for new Motorhomes in Scotland they have added new Rimor and new Hobby Motorhomes to our stock.  Our customers are loyal and have enjoyed the local support that the company can offer through all its services and the fact we are happy to support the lifetime of your Motorhome by way of Annual Servicing, Annual Habitations adding enhancements or indeed assisting with warranty issues.  It is a common complaint of Motorhome owners that they do not receive the level of after sales care that they expect for their investment, Allan and David are confident that they offer competitive sales prices and that they will support the Motorhome should any issues arise related to warranty or manufacturer recalls. 

Motorhome Sales Scotland is conveniently located to the east side of Glasgow, easily accessible via the recently upgraded M74, M77 and M8 motorways.